Space Dementia

I was drunk last night and downloaded Finale. I proceeded to copy my "Space Dementia" into it, and a few hours later was farther into the song then I had ever gotten on paper. This evening, I discovered that I already have seven pages done. Here is what I have so far:

Go take a look!

And yes, this is the very first time I have ever used Finale. I've always turned up my nose at it before because the things that people had showed me that had been done in Finale looked awful. I guess it just comes down to knowing how to use which tools and when.

Random Thoughts

"tro-lo-lo-lo-lol lo-lo-lol lo-lo-lol, la-la-la-la-laaa..." (a la internet troll)

"Don't go around maiming people! It's bad manners!"

"Meme or maim? That sounds like a good name for an article."

"And so the purple dusk of twilight-time / rolls across the meadows in my heart..." Stardust by Hoagy Carmichael


List: Spoonerisms & Nonsense Mix-Ups

One of my favorite lists! Every time I update this, I'll revise the date so that it appears at the top of recent posts. It's also located in the Lists sidebar over there >>

  • Line Works = Wine Lurks
  • Chart Topper = Tart Chopper
  • Functional Tucks = Tunctional F***s
  • No Way in Hell = No Hay in Well
  • Lips Wet = Whips Let
  • Fine Pair = Pine Fair
  • Pane of Glass = Plane of Gass
  • Hag of Bolding = Bag of Holding
  • Bowing Goaling = Going Bowling
  • Kick the Bass = Kiss the Back
  • Tell Brace = Bell Trace
  • Muffer Bode = Buffer Mode
  • Slyly Flowing = Slowly Flying
  • Pwn Stony = Stone Pony
  • Mucking Find = F***ing Mind
  • Rat Tenders = Tat Renders
  • Sweaty Dancers = Dancy Sweaters
  • Powdered Flavoring = Flowdered Pavoring

My Running List of Anime/Manga/Manhwa

New Update!

I watch anime and read both manga and manhwa. There are two lists here, one for anime and one for manga and manhwa combined. The manga/manhwa list is most definitely incomplete, but I will add to it the ones I can remember.

    Latest Addition: Speed Grapher
    Grand Total: 126

Manhwa / Manga
    Latest Addition: Bakuman
    Total Remembered: 69

Collapse )

Collapse )


Latest Anime: Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

This one made me cry, but it had a good ending. I had already seen the movie "The Count of Monte Cristo", and I was enchanted with the way this anime followed the plot. Also, the colors and patterns, and also the character designs, were beautiful and wonderful. Definitely worth watching.

Oh, and it repeatedly featured my favorite piano concerto, Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2. That definitely helped.

More Anime - House of Five Leaves

I watched House of Five Leaves today and yesterday. It turned out to be AWESOME!! I really enjoyed it. I also rewatched the first episode of Samurai Champloo, for old time's sake (not sake, the alcoholic drink). Anyway, I really liked it, though I was kind of upset that I never really got to see Masa fight anybody for any length of time. Either he got beat in an instant, or he fought for 3 seconds and won, or he just won instantly. But he was a badass, as was Ichi. I liked Ichi and his story; he was very interesting.

Anyway, there was some samurai stuff that happened (which I always look forward to), but the point of the anime was its plot, which was awesome.

And now it joins the still-growing list of anime that I have seen, making a total of 112!!

Actions of Late

I was just fooling around with LJ settings and set my advertisement preferences.  It's like: How would you like us to annoy you?  Except, when they tell me about new anime, it isn't annoying.  Why didn't I do this before?  Ah well, that's life.  It's done now. 

I am rewatching Jyu Oh Sei with Josh and Kye, my bf and a friend, on the weekends.  It's still a great anime, with a great intro.  I think I'll get Josh started on Hanasakeru Seishounen after Jyu Oh Sei is over, too.  Kukukukukuku (evil laughter).  The two anime are written by the same mangaka, and they're both great.  Watch them, if you want my advice.  They're very good. 

Beginning of the second eight weeks of this semester, watch out: here I come! 

How reclusive am I?

Or is it just lazy? Probably a mixture of the two. You see, it took a fire drill to get me off of my floor today. A fire-drill. Not kidding. It gives me giggle fits at my own expense. I fail.
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A Brand New Semester! Wake Up, Everybody!!~

Hello, all!!!

I have several updates here today.

First, I have to go poke some people to see if they're still alive. I really don't know.

Second, I have to say that my Space Dementia project has fallen by the wayside in favor of spending time with people, doing homework, working on my resume, and my basic internetting - manga, fanfiction, you know. Well, it will poke me in the eye soon, and I will get back to work. The entire rough draft is done, I just need to keep writing it all pretty. It's not in any danger of being forgotten.

Third, as is the usual for a new semester, I have updates to the piano repertoire list. I'm doing Debussy, Chopin, and Beethoven. A hefty schedule, but I'll be fine. It'll be fun.

Fourth, my car is in for repairs for the next couple of days. A friend had connections with the guys at TireExpert, and they're really awesome. They even successfully explained the problems with my car to me, and I even got to see the belly of my car! I could also see some of the problems myself, so my minimal knowledge of cars has increased slightly. That makes me happy, though my car being sick does not. I'll get it back before Friday, though, so it's all good.

Fifth, I'm taking a martial arts class for the first time ever. Come to think of it, this is the first time I've voluntarily done something physically active since I quit ballet at age 11. Wow. So, I'm taking Jeet Kune Do, which was created by Bruce Lee, for those who don't know. If you don't know who Bruce Lee is, for shame!!! Go to the video rental and get Enter the Dragon!!! Best Kung Fu movie EVER!!! Bruce Lee even tops Chuck Norris. No, seriously, in one of his movies they have an all out fight in the middle of the Coliseum in Rome (set in what was the modern day in the 60s), and Bruce Lee wins. Not kidding. Bruce Lee kicks ass.

On a separate but related note, I just saw the Green Hornet on the bigscreen, which was pretty awesome. Yay Cato!!! I really want to see the original Bruce Lee TV series now, and I'll get to do that this weekend, hopefully.

So yeah, I'm happy with my martial arts class so far, though we've only had one class period. Yet another reason to look forward to Fridays!

So, I eagerly await the latest chapters of Azure Glade and Harken's Bell.

Get to it, writers!!